New Found Love of Audio Books

I never thought I would ever enjoy audio books. I feel like I can read faster than the narrator is speaking and would rather read myself. I looked up Game of Thrones Audio Book on YouTube and didn’t particularly like the narration style. It gave me a terrible first impression.

Fast forward to now, I am in college full time and have a part-time job and have very little time to read. Which is quite disheartening because I love to read and if I could make a living from that I totally would.

I stumbled upon Harry Potter Audio Books read by Stephen Fry and now I am hooked. Not only do I get to enjoy books but I can study at the same time. Not to mention, Stephen Fry is an amazing narrator and keeps it very entertaining. Personally, I could probably listen to any audio book read in his voice (and maybe Morgan Freeman’s too).

from Google

I got through Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone in a little over a day. I think it was roughly over 8 hours of total audio. I see myself starting the second one in the next coming days as well. I am very excited because if I complete these I will be very close to reaching my 50 books in 2015 goal!

My question for you is: Is there any audio books that you recommend? Preferably one where the narrator keeps things entertaining.

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