Pop Sugar

I like to take part in the Pop Sugar Reading Challenge each year (I’ve never actually fully completed one). Join with me! If you have any recommendations for any of these challenges please let me know down below πŸ™‚

Challenge Book Author
A Book Published in 2020 Of Curses and Kisses Sandhya Menon
By a Trans/Non Binary Author
A Great First Line
Setting in a City that Hosted the Olympics
First Book Touch With Eyes Closed
Upside-Down Image on the Cover
Book With a Map The Poppy War R. F. Kuang
Rec from a podcast, blog, etc.
An Anthology Her Body and Other Parties Carmen Maria Machado
Passes the Bechdel Test
Same Title as move/TV (no relation)
Author has Flora/Fauna in name
Published Same Month as Birthday
Book About/By Woman in STEM
Won an Award in 2019
Subject You Know Nothing About Radical Candor Kim Scott
Only Words on Cover (no graphics) The Road Cormac McCarthy
Pun in the Title
Feat. One of the Deadly Sins
Robot, Cyborg or AI character
Bird on the Cover
Non/Fiction About World Leader
“Gold”, “Silver”, “Bronze” in Title
By a WOC
At Least 4 Stars on Goodreads No Exit Taylor Adams
Meant to Read in 2019 Now Entering Addamsville Francesca Zappia
About/Involving Social Media The Gravity of Us Phil Stamper
Book on the Cover
Medical Thriller
Made Up Language
Country Begins with “C” Moon of the Crusted Snow Waubgeshig Rice
Title Caught Your Attention
3 Word Title Her Pretty Face Robyn Harding
Pink Cover Red, White & Royal Blue Casey McQuiston
A Western
By/About a Journalist Stiff Mary Roach
Banned Book
Fav. Prompt from Past Challenge
Author in their 20s
“20” or “Twenty” in Title
Vision Impairment/Enhancement The Sound of Stars Alechia Dow
Set in Japan
Set in the 1920s
Author Who Has 20+ Books
More Than 20 Words in Title The Witch Doesn’t Burn in this One Amanda Lovelace
Published in the 20th Century
Series with More than 20 Books
Main Character in their 20s