Update | 2017 Reading & Blogging Goals

I wanted to make this a quarterly thing but seeing as it is the beginning of May now, I guess I’ll be doing it in thirds! I made these goals back in January and I think a lot has happened since then in my reading as well as in my life. I am curious to see how far I have come in achieving my goals and maybe seeing areas I would like to do differently.

Let’s take a look at my blogging goals for 2017 and see how well I am doing!

  • 100 WordPress Followers
    • currently at 85! 15 more to go
  • 100 Bloglovin’ Followers
    • currently at 61 – I went down in #’s but I have been hearing negative things about this website and I don’t think I want to continue using its services anymore
  • To post at least 2 times a week
    • I was doing good with this up until my hitaus this month due to finals and practicum. I can say that I am officially graduating college now and have 2 more weeks left of my practicum! I am hoping to starting posting 2x a week again starting now.
  • To engage and comment on more blogs
    • I definitely have been making an effort to reply to every comment I get on here and to reach out to other blogs and comment on their content!
  • To host a giveaway
    • Still haven’t arranged anything for this yet, hopefully by the end of the year!
  • To post at least once a week on my Instagram and reach 1000 followers
    • I am slacking hard on this one. It is hard now because I no longer purchase physical books anymore as I can read eBooks for free through borrowing them from my local library.  Maybe I’ll change my aesthetic to taking pictures of the book covers on my eReader. We’ll see. As for followers, I am at 418. I have lost a few since January but I know that is due to my lack of posting.

Let’s see my reading goals:

  • Goodreads Challenge: 60 books
    • currently at 24/60! 40% of the way to completion and apparently 5 books ahead of schedule
  • Diverse Reads
    • I have been reading a lot more diversely than I was before. It’s nice to learn about different cultures and different relationship types. I have also become more aware with what I am reading and I am able to spot uncomfortable themes now. I don’t know how I was missing them before.
  • To Read all the Books on my Shelves
    • This one has been a bit of a struggle as I had a bookshelf collapse and currently my books are in an extra large UHaul moving box and like I mentioned previously I have been reading a lot of eBook from the library database. I don’t see this one getting accomplished anytime soon but I would at least like to try to pick one up each month. I do miss the feeling of a physical book in my hands.
  • Less YA and more Adult Fiction
    • This I have been definitely doing. I have found myself avoiding YA books now and reaching out for more “adult” choices. I haven’t completely rules out YA altogether but I am loving reading different things now. YA was getting a little repetitive for me.

And that’s my update on my 2017 Reading and Blogging Goals! I am impressed with my progress so far.

Did you guys set goals for yourself this year?


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