Friday Book Beginnings & The Friday 56 | #9

Friday Book Beginnings is hosted by Rose City Reader and the Friday 56 is hosted by Freda’s Voice.

So Friday Book Beginnings you choose the book you are currently reading or the one that is closest to you and share the first few sentences. For the Friday 56 you simply turn to page 56 or 56% on your e-reader and share a sentence or two that you enjoy. Then just add maybe a synopsis about the book in case others are interested. That’s it!


Alice & Oliver by Charles Bock
Published: April 5th, 2016

Synopsis: Alice Culvert is a force: passionate, independent, smart, and gorgeous, she—to her delight—attracts attention wherever she goes, even amid the buzz of mid-90s New York. In knee-high boots, with her newborn daughter, Doe, strapped to her chest, Alice is one of those people who just seem so vividly alive, which makes her cancer diagnosis feel almost incongruous. How could such a being not go on? But all at once, Alice’s existence, and that of her husband Oliver, is reduced to a single purpose: survival. As they combat the disease, the couple must also face off against the serpentine healthcare system, the good intentions of loved ones, and the deep, dangerous stressors that threaten to push the two of them apart. With veracity, humor, wisdom, and love, Charles Bock navigates one family’s unforgettable story – inspired by his own.
Book Beginning: Part 1 Induction – There she was, Alice Culvert, a little taller than most, he figure fuller than she would have liked.
56%: Jeans that once formed a second skin now were comically baggy, and Alice played this up, taking a while to belt them a second time. Though her feet had inflated into small rafting devices, a pair of running sneakers could fit as long as she didn’t wear socks. She completed the ensemble with a knee-length coat of distressed denim, its neckline fringed, white cotton shredded to look like feathers. “After all these years” — Alice laughed — “I’ve become Little Edie. Finally.”
Thoughts: This scene is them about to go for a tiny walk to get Alice out of their apartment. I like how these two can find ways to laugh at times when it seems like everything is miserable. Also the contrast on Alice’s body from the beginning to this 56% is very powerful.

What do you think? What are your Friday memes? Comment down below!
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16 Responses to Friday Book Beginnings & The Friday 56 | #9

  1. Kathy Martin says:

    Sounds like a sad story. I hope you enjoy it. I am featuring 'Til Death Do Us Part by Amanda Quick this week. Happy reading!


  2. I'm a “laugh through your troubles” type of person myself.


  3. Laura Thomas says:

    Been curious since I spotted this last week. I think I'd enjoy it:)

    My Friday 56 from The Overnight


  4. Bev Bouwer says:

    Sounds like a great read, but one that you'd need to be in the right frame of mind to start.

    I'm featuring Between you and me this week. Happy reading.


  5. Oh, I can feel the tears welling up as I read these lines…I can tell that I would love and root for these characters. Thanks for sharing. Here's mine: “HAVE NO SHAME”


  6. Breana M. says:

    This seems like a book full of emotions. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  7. I see this book everywhere as a critics choice. I am curious and have added it to my TBR list sounds like it is funny and sad. Happy Reading!


  8. fredamans says:

    I'm curious for more. I really enjoyed the beginning. Happy Sunday!


  9. Elizabeth says:

    Sounds sad, but I hope it is a good read for you.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Book Beginnings


  10. Danica says:

    I have set it down as the subject matter was very hard to read. I hope I pick it back up later.


  11. Danica says:

    That definitely seems how this couple is deciding to take it. I don't know what I would be like…


  12. Danica says:

    Give it a read! The writing style is quite interesting!


  13. Danica says:

    Yeah, you definitely have to be in the right frame of mind. I really want a happy outcome if I were to continue reading.


  14. Danica says:

    Certain lines have sparked some tears in me. I had to put it down to pick up another time. I really want a happy ending.


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