Shelf Control #2 | Only Forward

I wanted to join a new weekly feature and stumbled upon Shelf Control hosted by Bookshelf Fantasies.

Shelf Control is a weekly celebration of the unread books on our shelves. Pick a book you own but haven’t read, write a post about it (suggestions: include what it’s about, why you want to read it, and when you got it), and link up! For more info on what Shelf Control is all about, check out the introductory post, here.

Only Forward by Michael Marshall Smith
Published by
: Spectra on September 5th, 2000
Pages: 342

Goodreads | Amazon | Book Depository

Synopsis (from Goodreads): Call him Stark. If you have to. If you’re lucky, you won’t call him at all. Because if you do, it means you’ve got trouble. Big trouble. And the problem is that before Stark is done fixing something, a whole lot of other things usually get broken. Like laws and lives—and anyone who gets in the way. It’s that attitude that’s earned him his latest assignment: finding a missing VIP named Fell Alkland. The authorities believe Alkland has been kidnapped. Stark doesn’t. He hasn’t stayed alive this long without learning the basics of survival in a world hurtling straight to hell: Things are always more complicated than they seem. And when a job seems too easy, that’s when something really ugly is about to happen. For Fell Alkland is about to become Stark’s worst nightmare, a nightmare where anything can happen at any time—where friends can become enemies in a heartbeat and your most secret fear a soul-screaming reality. And the worst of it is that for this nightmare you don’t even have to be asleep.

How I got it: I have a couple of colleagues that I like to talk books with, with one we definitely talk a lot about fantasy and science fiction. They mentioned this book and I put it on my radar. Then I came in with a surprise copy on my desk!

Why I want to read it: It was described as such a weird book and I read a few Goodreads reviews that made this book sound like a wild ride. I’ve been getting into a lot of science fiction the past two months so hopefully this makes into my hands soon.

Would you read this book or one by this author? Let me know down below!



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