Weekly Update #2 | 10/27 – 11/02

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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer.

Happy Sunday! This has been such a weird week for me and not filled with much productive reading or anything book related. November feels like such a weird month. It’s just like a random month at the end of the year sandwiched between Thanksgiving and Halloween in October then Christmas in December. I’m hoping with the clocks going back an hour today that I get some good reading in or maybe some book shopping because spoiler, this post is a little bare.

We had a really windy storm the other night causing branches and sticks to be pelted at the window at all hours. Made my cat nuts! The weather has certainly dropped from last week but with colder weather means all the more reason to get cozy under a fuzzy blanket and devour a book in one setting.



Absolutely loved this. Being an avid true-crime podcast listener, and a weekly listener of the podcast Murder Squad with Paul Holes and Billy Jensen, I had to pick up Billy’s book.


I haven’t read much further than last week in Find You in the Dark. I’m about 100 pages into Imaginary Friend (loving it so far) and just over 50 pages in to The Trap. The Trap seems like a fast read but the writing is a little odd. I picked it up for a mini challenge I am doing this week with my lowest rated books.



Didn’t purchase/borrow any books this week!


Didn’t request/get approved for any books this week!


This week I am hoping to draft all my posts for the week on Sunday and schedule them to go out. We’re hitting a very busy time in my office so I may not have the brain power to write a post when I come home.

What was your favourite book you read in October?



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2 Responses to Weekly Update #2 | 10/27 – 11/02

  1. yvonne473 says:

    I hope you have a great reading week! Enjoy the extra hour!


  2. November is the run up to Christmas festivities for me. I love it. It’s like the calm before the storm!
    Hope you found some good books while shopping. 🙂


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