Bout of Books 20 | Day 5


  • Read 2000 pages (980/2000)
  • Read an ARC (currently reading Bellevue Square)
  • Read a sequel (Sanctum)
  • Read a book I started but put down a while ago

In my last post I converted my audiobook hours into pages read. I did the same math equation and got 155 pages for the portion of Catacomb I read yesterday. Therefore my total # of pages read is 1833/2000!

I am hoping to finish the last hour of Catacomb today and the last 25% of Defy the Stars as well. If I can get to Bellevue Square at some point today that will also be lovely! I love these readathons because I get to read so many books!

How did everyone else’s Day 5 go? 


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