TBR | March 2017


Wow, we’re already in March! Where is all the time going? I’ve only got 2 months left of college before I am done and studying my butt off for my National exam. I am hoping since March is just before finals season I can get a lot of books read this month!


The Diabolic / SJ Kincaid / The Last Rituals / Yrsa Sigurðardóttir/ The Bone Witch / Rin Chupeco / A Night Divided / Jennifer A Nielsen

I am doing my TBR a bit differently this month. 3/4 of these books I have already begun but would like to finish this month. It’s taking me a while to get through The Diabolic and The Bone Witch. I only have a week of my borrowing time from the library to read The Diabolic and A Night Divided. I am hoping once spring break is over this week and I am back to commuting to school I can knock these two off my list! I am still unsure about whether or not I want to go through with The Bone Witch. I have been hearing mixed reviews of those that have finished it and I agree with what they are saying. It’s just falling flat. I am currently listening (even as I write this post) to the audiobook of The Last Rituals. I was intrigued that it was written by an Icelandic author and since travelling to Iceland 4 years ago I couldn’t not read it. It’s a pretty standard crime/mystery novel but set in Iceland makes it quite interesting to me.

What books are you hoping to get to this month?



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2 Responses to TBR | March 2017

  1. kmorrison04 says:

    I am currently reading The Bone Witch and at first, I was so interested and now, my interest is waning and I keep hearing mixed things too so I don’t know. I’m going to try still because I had to give up on a book but I was really hoping for something…different than what I’m getting. We shall see! Good luck with finishing it.


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