Book Review | Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher

4961048Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher
Published by: Simon & Schuster on December 2nd, 2008
Genre: Nonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Humor
Pages: 212
Format: eBook
Source: Borrowed from the Library

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Summary (from Goodreads): In Wishful Drinking, Carrie Fisher tells the true and intoxicating story of her life with inimitable wit. Born to celebrity parents, she was picked to play a princess in a little movie called Star Wars when only 19 years old. “But it isn’t all sweetness and light sabres.” Alas, aside from a demanding career and her role as a single mother (not to mention the hyperspace hairdo), Carrie also spends her free time battling addiction, weathering the wild ride of manic depression and lounging around various mental institutions. It’s an incredible tale – from having Elizabeth Taylor as a stepmother, to marrying (and divorcing) Paul Simon, from having the father of her daughter leave her for a man, to ultimately waking up one morning and finding a friend dead beside her in bed [x].

Review: Wishful Drinking is a short memoir that is worth the quick read. The humor in Fisher’s words really comes through. I learned a few things that I didn’t already know about her which was interesting but just hearing things from her POV was nice. I found myself laughing out loud and I couldn’t believe some of this stuff had actually happened but like what she said at the beginning “If my life wasn’t funny it would just be true, and that is unacceptable.”

It brings to light the reality of mental health, addictions and growing up in the spotlight with famous parents. I had no idea that she had had ECT (electroconvulsive therapy). The life that she had is crazy and is definitely something.

This book felt very honest and I am glad that I read it.





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