A Little Update

Hey everyone! How’s everyone’s summer? It’s so hot here in Canada right now. The daily temperature has had a humidex value of 40C+… I’m hoping a storm comes along soon to take away all this humidity.

A little update is the title of this post… so what do I have to update you on? Well.. I’ve decided to take a stab at writing a novel. A big thing to take on… I know. But do you ever just get this really good idea in your head and then you weave circumstances of your actual life and get some bizarre concept? I did. And then it just snowballed from there.

So with this grand adventure I am embarking on I was hoping to make little goal and status updates on my progress every few months or so. Maybe I’ll participate in Nanowrimo this year depending on how hectic November is for me in college this year. I don’t know if posts like these are something that y’all would be interested in reading but I think it would be cool to track my progress throughout the whole process. By all means do I think I can whip up some masterpiece in a matter of months. Just coming up with major plot points for this thing has taken over a month and I just barely started writing a few scenes. Hey, I could end up abandoning it a year from now!

So that’s where my head is at currently. I just started a Pinterest page with Story Boards of potential themes and characters for multiple stories and inspiration. There isn’t much on there now but if you are interested the link is here.

Has anyone every tried to write there own novel? Any advice? Any pointers? Let me know!

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1 Response to A Little Update

  1. It definitely has been a hot summer where I live, too. Thankfully in Nevada it's just dry heat. I love your Pinterest boards for your story inspirations. Best of luck with your writing. 🙂


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