The Outlander Book Tag

Originally created by Sasha from abookutopia on YouTube.
You don’t have to have read Outlander to do this tag but maybe that’ll spark your interest!
1. You touch some standing stones and get transported back in time, what year would you hope to land in?
I would hope to land in the time of Marie Antoinette in France. But I would want to be part of the court I wouldn’t want to be poor. I just think that it would be cool to experience what life was like in that era.
2. Claire is a very good nurse, what type of skill would you want to have that a fictional character excels at?
Strong female characters and by strong I mean like actually strong with muscles and awesome fighting skills. I feel like I’m describing every female main character in any YA book.
3. Jamie and Claire are ultimate relationship goals, who is your favorite fictional couple?
Well, besides Jamie and Claire, I would have to say  Katniss and Peeta. That series is a favourite so they will always be a favourite.

4. The ending of Outlander was shocking, what is one book you read that totally blew your mind?
I’m drawing a blank.
5. Scotland has lots of castles and we see quite a few in Outlander, what fictional kingdom would you want as your own (castle included)?
Hmmm. Maybe where the Grisha live. That’s a kingdom right? I remember when reading the series that where they lived and trained was described very well. Also the “kingdom” in The Star-Touched Queen sounds so cool.
6. Outlander has some very steamy scenes, what is your favorite romance novel?
The Crossfire Quintet by Sylvia Day… very steamy.

7. The Jacobite Rising is a huge plot point in the Outlander series, what book has your favorite battle in it?
Also drawing a blank for this one… I mean, usually the third books in trilogies have the biggest
“battle” scenes and they are usually written quite well. So I’ll go with the battle scenes in all the trilogies or last books in series that are dystopia-ish.
8. Jamie and Claire get married very unexpectedly, what fictional character would you want to marry on a whim?
I’m trying to avoid picking Outlander for every one but I’d have to go with Jamie for this one. Who wouldn’t?
9. Scotland is a beautiful place, what is one fictional world you would love to visit?
I feel like a lot of the fictional books I read with worlds are all post-apocalyptic or dystopian so I wouldn’t really want to visit any of them. Ou! I know. I’d want to visit Hogwarts!
10. If you could change the past, would you?
Nope, because I am afraid of how it will screw up the present.
I invite you all to take part in the book tag whether you’ve read or watched Outlander!!
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2 Responses to The Outlander Book Tag

  1. Cat says:

    I just had to do this TAG too!!! Ahhh. Outlander love <3 <3
    (also, agree with your steamy romance choice heheh)


  2. Fun tag, Danica! I heart Outlander so much. 🙂 Love your caveat with the time travel – gotta be on the court, not poor. LOL I *still* haven't read the Grisha trilogy – need to do that! And marrying Jamie – yes please!

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books


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