Top 5 Wednesday | Fictional Items You Want

Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey! Click here to check out the Goodreads group.
This week (as you can see from the title) is Fictional Items in Books That You Want. Examples would be the invisibility cloak in HP. I feel like this one is going to be hard to come up with items, but I’ll give it a shot.

Edit: Man, I really didn’t think this one through… after looking at just a few T5W’s I wish I had put the TARDIS, the things in the Starship Enterprise that make whatever food you want, lightsaber, and wardrobe from Narnia

5. Wishes from the Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy
She had a little beaded necklace she wore and she could make tiny wishes like make someone itchy. I’m not going to lie and say I wouldn’t abuse that power but I would. I would totally wish for outrageous things. Currently, I would probably wish for all the knowledge I need for exams to be imported into my brain so I can ace them. Or be able to have super fast reading ability so I can read all the books.
4. Seeing the Future; Alice’s “power” in the Twilight series
I just think it would be cool to know when things happen so I can prepare myself for the outcome. I think I would only want to know the good things though. Seeing bad things before they happen would probably give me bad anxiety.
3. Invisibility Cloak from Harry Potter series
This is a cop out I know as it was listed as one of the example but I can’t think of anything okay! Sometimes there are times when being invisible would be great. Just embarrass yourself? Whip out that cloak and run away. Don’t want people to talk to you on transit? Whip out the cloak.
2. Hermione’s Time Turner from Harry Potter series
For one thing it looks cool and intricate. Secondly, since I am in the middle of writing exams I think it would be great to be able to go back and rewrite exams that I feel I did poorly on. Or to go back in time and experience things for the first time again. Or you know how you have conversations with people and when you’re trying to sleep for hours you think of something better you could have said in the conversation. That would be nice.
1. Peeta’s Bread from The Hunger Games
He’s the boy with the bread, man. I bet the bread tastes good. I want to try it… Haha such a strange item to want.
What are your top 5 fictional items you want? Comment down below!
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8 Responses to Top 5 Wednesday | Fictional Items You Want

  1. Emma B says:

    Lovely list! I so agree with the time turner – back when I was studying for my final exams I would have abused that power so much. Although I also wouldn't mind being able to follow Karou's example and wish for slightly frivolous but satisfying wishes. 😉

    (My Top 5 Wednesday)


  2. Alyce Hunt says:

    Ooh, choosing a power is a genius idea! I totally would have picked compulsion, it's the ultimate tool for a lazy person. Great choices 🙂


  3. Awesome picks, Danica! I love that you picked Peeta's bread. Priceless. 🙂


  4. Haha I love that you included Peeta's bread, too funny! After I finished my post, I also couldn't believe that the wardrobe from Narnia never made my list, don't know what I was thinking. Including Alice's power was also an awesome idea, I never would have thought of that either 🙂


  5. Clare Stone says:

    Haha! Peeta's bread made me laugh! I'm not sure if I'd want to see the future, I'd probably get major anxiety whether I saw good things or bad things!


  6. Danica says:

    Who doesn't like homemade bread 🙂 Haha


  7. Danica says:

    I'm definitely lazy at times. Compulsion is a great choice!


  8. Lara Liz says:

    Yes, I need Hermione's time turner! Somehow, the replica I have at home, while just as beautiful, doesn't seem to time travel. Maybe I'm using it wrong?

    And I desperately want the TARDIS, too. Not that I'm obsessed with time travel or anything . . .


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