Book Review | Mind Games by Kiersten White

from Goodreads
Mind Games (#1) by Kiersten White
Published by: Harper Teen on February 19th, 2013
Genre: YA, Science Fiction
Pages: 237
Format: Paperback
Source: Purchased

Synopsis: Fia and Annie are as close as two sisters can be. They look out for each other. Protect each other. And most importantly, they keep each other’s secrets, even the most dangerous ones: Annie is blind, but can see visions of the future; Fia was born with flawless intuition—her first impulse is always exactly right.

When the sisters are offered a place at an elite boarding school, Fia realizes that something is wrong . . . but she doesn’t grasp just how wrong. The Keane Institute is no ordinary school, and Fia is soon used for everything from picking stocks to planting bombs. If she tries to refuse, they threaten her with Annie’s life.

Now Fia’s falling in love with a boy who has dark secrets of his own. And with his help, she’s ready to fight back. They stole her past. They control her present. But she won’t let them take her future [x].

Review: I had just finished reading an arc by Kiersten White and was interested in seeing what else she had written. Turns out I had picked up Mind Games ages ago but just never read it. I didn’t go into this novel with high expectations as the novel I had previously read by her was amazing. I definitely didn’t think this one would top that. (It didn’t).
What I liked:
  • There is great sarcastic humour, I legit laughed out loud at the remarks of either Fia or James
  • Great quick read
  • Characters are okay, I feel like there was much description for them but I pictured them in my mind alright
  • It had a Shatter Me vibe to it but not really
  • The cover design
What I didn’t like:
  • The sequencing of the chapters it would jump back and forth between Annabelle and Sofia but it was either present day or the past… I get that the past parts helped you understand things that were happening in the present time but it was oddly confusing
  • It was too short I felt like it could have been longer especially knowing that there is a sequel. The sequel and this one could’ve made a good sized book
  • I don’t know why the girls have these “powers” it wasn’t explained… maybe it will in the sequel?
  • The shortened versions of their names
  • There wasn’t much emotion in the end scene which should have been
I’m not itching to get the second book in this series but if it as short as this one I will pick it up at some point. I am interested to see if my questions are answered. This would be a good book to read if you are in a reading slump.
Rating: 3.5/5 stars!
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