Dream Cast Thursday | #1

Welcome to the first ever Dream Cast Thursday!

What is it?

Have you ever pictured what actor/actress would play certain characters when reading a book? I know I have. I thought it would be fun to potentially start a weekly meme that allows you to post your “dream cast” if your most recent read novel were to turn into a movie. If the novel you just read already has a movie out you can post who you would’ve rather been cast. Feel free to improvise! If there is a certain book on your shelf that you’d rather answer with go for it. I’m not going to stop you!

How to:

  1. Pick up the last book you’ve read
  2. Think of the characters and who would portray them in a movie
  3. Link your post up each Thursday
  4. Visit other participants
  5. Make sure you refer back to this blog
  6. Feel free to use my graphic or make your own!
from Goodreads
All images found on Google
Amy | Dakota Johnson
Basil | Albert Enoch
Ruth | Melissa McCarthy
Trinity | Jenna Ushkowitz
Matt | Miles Teller
Any thoughts?


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