Top 5 Wednesday | Worst Love Intertest (Male/Female)

Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey! Click here to check out the Goodreads group.
This week the topic for Top 5 Wednesday is the worst love interests male or female. In almost every book you read there is always a couple where you think “Why?”. Or your cringing with how they act.

1. Jacob | Twilight

The way he pined after Bella got on my nerves. And when she didn’t choose him he would blackmail her. Like for that kiss. Or when he went fucking mental when he found out they were engaged… like chill.

2. Tris | Divergent

She was very whiny. Four, this. Four, that. I’m Divergent, wahh. She always thought she was helping others but she was just jumping into crap without thinking of the consequences.

3. Adam | Shatter Me

He was alright in the first book but as the series progressed he was awful for Juliette. Not that she was good for anyone since her touch was lethal but, as soon as he found out who she was he began to be disgusted by her with everything she did.

4. Mal | Grisha Trilogy

He was basically the damsel in distress with Alina saving him all the time. Like with Shatter Me, as soon as he found out that she was the Sun Summoner he was like NOPE.
5. Anastasia | 50 Shades
Innocent woman with an inner goddess that plunges into some insane relationship. I mean Christian wasn’t any better but she was the protagonist so we got so much of her so called “inner goddess” and ugh.
Honorable mentions: Gale Hawthorne, Edward Cullen, Kai
What were your top 5? Comment down below!
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6 Responses to Top 5 Wednesday | Worst Love Intertest (Male/Female)

  1. Sarah Thomas says:

    Definitely agree with Tris and Anastasia (can't believe I forgot to add them to my list!)


  2. Alyce Hunt says:

    I hadn't thought of Jacob, but thinking back he is just as bad as Edward – all of the moping and then imprinting on her daughter, which still creeps me out to this day.
    Great choices!


  3. Danica says:

    Oh god the imprinting… I think I blocked that out of my memory.


  4. Danica says:

    Aha checking out other T5W's had me thinking that over and over again. I bet a lot of people could've easily made them 10. Happy Thursday!


  5. I definitely agree with you on most of these. I love that you included Adam and Mal, as it was definitely annoying how they wanted nothing to do with Juliette and Alina as soon as they realized they could save themselves. Great picks!


  6. I didn't like Ana or Christian either. I couldn't even finish the series. Great list, Danica! 🙂


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