Dream Cast Thursday Launch

What is it?

Have you ever pictured what actor/actress would play certain characters when reading a book? I know I have. I thought it would be fun to potentially start a weekly meme that allows you to post your “dream cast” if your most recent read novel were to turn into a movie. If the novel you just read already has a movie out you can post who you would’ve rather been cast. Feel free to improvise! If there is a certain book on your shelf that you’d rather answer with go for it. I’m not going to stop you!

How to:

  1. Pick up the last book you’ve read
  2. Think of the characters and who would portray them in a movie (put in whatever format you choose!)
  3. Link your post up each Thursday
  4. Visit other participants
  5. Make sure you refer back to this blog
  6. Feel free to use my graphic or make your own!
Example for one character:
Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas
Celaena Sardothien – Saoirse Ronan

I picture her with more blonde and heavier makeup. Have you seen the film she did called Hanna? Her moves were badass. Essentially, how I envision Celaena. 

I hope this is a fun idea for everyone and that you participate 🙂

Make sure to visit every Thursday to link up your post!
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1 Response to Dream Cast Thursday Launch

  1. vvb32 reads says:

    Fun post. Yeah, based on that picture Saoirse looks the part.


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