Book Review | Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

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Dark Matter by Blake Crouch
Published by: Crown expected publication August 2nd, 2016
Genre: Thriller, Science Fiction
Pages: 352
Format: ebook
Source: NetGalley e-ARC
Summary: From the author of the bestselling WAYWARD PINES trilogy, a brilliantly mind-bending science-fiction thriller in which an ordinary man is kidnapped, knocked unconscious—and awakens in a world inexplicably different from the reality he thought he knew.

Jason Dessen is walking home through the chilly Chicago streets one night, looking forward to a quiet evening in front of the fireplace with his wife, Daniela, and their son, Charlie—when his reality shatters.

It starts with a man in a mask kidnapping him at gunpoint, for reasons Jason can’t begin to fathom—what would anyone want with an ordinary physics professor?—and grows even more terrifying from there, as Jason’s abductor injects him with some unknown drug and watches while he loses consciousness.

When Jason awakes, he’s in a lab, strapped to a gurney—and a man he’s never seen before is cheerily telling him “welcome back!”

Jason soon learns that in this world he’s woken up to, his house is not his house. His wife is not his wife. His son was never born.

And someone is hunting him.

Is the life Jason remembers just some crazed dream? And can he survive long enough to discover the answers he needs? [x]

Review: Amazing! I have never read any of Blake Crouch’s previous work but I can see myself doing so in the future. I know he was the writer of Wayward Pines and I believe that it is a TV series. After reading this by him I definitely want to give the series a go as well. I looked this book up on Google and I found an article stating that Sony wants to make Dark Matter a movie. I hope it’s true because I’d love to see this book come to life. Especially the ending.
This book was such a science fiction roller coaster in a good way. It went from mystery to thriller to some scifi fantasy. There was even a romantic undertone. It was so addictive I didn’t put it down since reading the first few paragraphs. I sat in bed for 4 hours and just read. All the different worlds colliding was such an interesting aspect. I also loved the science behind it. It takes a lot to physically (loud verbal exclamation/jaw drops) shock me while reading and this book did it to me three times with all the twists!
I don’t want to write more about it in fear or spoiling the book as a lot does go on. All I can say is that
I highly recommend you seek this title when it becomes available!
Thanks to NetGalley and Crown for providing me with a copy in exchange for a review!
Rating: 4.5/5 stars!
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  1. I watched one or two episodes of Wayward Pines and really liked it. I want to get it on DVD so I can actually watch the entire series. I have a feeling this one will be just as good. Thanks for putting it on my radar. I have to check it out!


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