Top 5 Wednesday: Favourite Buzzwords

This weeks Top 5 Wednesday is favourite buzzwords that when used around books will definitely make you buy/read them.
(In no particular order)
1. For Fans of the Outlander Series or The Hunger Games Trilogy
I am a fan of both. If a book uses these words (either relating to Outlander or THG) than I will for sure give it a go. I love both of these series.
2. Contagion, Virus, Epidemic
I’m really into science and interested in diseases and epidemics. I really like when books either incorporate one that is already heard of or one that they have created on their own. I have really yet to read books about said topics but I know I’ll watch any movie on this topic. If you have any recommendations for this let me know!
3. Historical Fiction, Early 1900s, etc.
I have a fascination with books written in the past as well as television shows or movies. I just really like viewing/reading what happened in the past. I really like the Luxe Trilogy and again Outlander series. One of my favourite movies is Marie Antoinette. I am currently reading All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr and it is set in the 1940 in Germany & France during WW2 and I am really enjoying it so far.
4. Dystopian/Utopia
Most dystopian/utopian universes tend to be the same in books idea wise but the way the author creates that world and puts a spin on the aspect always intrigues me.
5. Mystery/Thriller
I like a good mystery novel. I am always really bad at trying to figure out whodunit so the plot twist/reveal is always a shock to me (if the book is good). I really want to get into the books by Kathy Reich. I’ve read one a while back and really enjoyed it. I really like the Bones TV show which is based on her books. It’s like mystery mixed with science and I really like that.
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1 Response to Top 5 Wednesday: Favourite Buzzwords

  1. I love your list, dystopian/utopian tends to grab me as well. It's all about the world building for me!


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