One Month and No Posts.


I spend the first three weeks of December studying for all my finals (I had 7!). The following week was my birthday and Christmas. And then I just didn’t feel like reading anything. I have been reading a bit throughout the month from the same book. It’s called “Plum Island” by Nelson DeVille.

It’s a pretty big book (600+ pages) so probably not the best one to start to read if I wanted to reach my Goodreads 2015 goal which sadly… I was 5 books shy from! (I mean technically I am one or two chapters away from the third Harry Potter audio book ending but my laptop died yesterday and everything had to be deleted in order to save it). So 45.9 books out of 50 isn’t too bad. Hey! That’s more than some people read in their entire lives so I am proud of that.

For 2016, I will make my goal 50 again and hopefully I will reach it within the coming year.

Any suggestions?

Happy New Year!

Bonne annee!

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