Bout of Books Challenge | From Modern to Classic

THE CHALLENGE Share one book that you believe will be considered a classic in 100 years time. Simple? I do have a few caveats, the book must have been published in or after 2005 and you need to provide two reasons for why this book will be a classic.

(photo from Goodreads – published in 2008)

I chose The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins for this challenge.

  1. The way the society is built it seems like the world could be not far off from that now. What seems like science fiction could soon be real life for those in 100 years. It’s essentially how 1984 is for us today. It’ll be interesting to see how they relate their current lives to this book.
  2. The successful movie franchise (weak point I know). I feel like if a book had a successful fan base and a movie to go with it will make it a classic in the future. 
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1 Response to Bout of Books Challenge | From Modern to Classic

  1. bookybecksa says:

    The Hunger Games is a clear winner in this which book is going to be a classic challenge, and for good reason – I do especially like your comparison with 1984, and I think The Hunger Games will age just as well. Hope you enjoy the rest of the readathon, thanks for participating.


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