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Since I am an avid online shopper, preferring to see the selection in front of me rather than spending an afternoon sifting through items, I am always interested to see where people acquire their books and other bookish items.

For someone that also does not like to pay full price for things, I am also intrigued every time I stumble upon a bargain book website.

So where do I purchase my books? Find out below.

From their website.

Being Canadian, Chapters is one of the main retailers. Being a Plum Rewards member has it’s advantages both in-store online. While I don’t like paying full price for things, when you purchase an item in-store you get points from that transaction which as the points build up turn into “cash”. Meaning, once a high enough number is reached, free books!

Also, when buying online, the Plum Rewards card allows you a small discount off the price. Free shipping on orders over $25 is also ideal and very fast. If I make a purchase on a Monday night there is usually a box from Chapters/Indigo at my door when I come home on Wednesday.

They also have a great selection of books.

From their website.

I refer to shop on the American version of this site rather than the Canadian. The shipping is much cheaper and the selection of books is much better. I stumbled upon this site while watching some videos on YouTube. On BookOutlet, you can purchase books at a highly discounted price. Instead of me butchering how this works I will take a blurb from their site:

Our books are new and we offer them at 50-90% off the original list price. How do we manage that? Here’s the secret: our books are marked down because most of the titles are marked with a small line or dot on the edge of the book by publishers who sell us their returns and excess inventory. This mark ensures that the books will not be returned to the publisher for a second credit. The books we sell are not used, they are unread and in excellent condition.

 That’s really all it is, there’s just a black mark along the bottom edge of the book and voila a $15 book is $4. Who wouldn’t want to pay that?

The only downside to this is the selection although large, will not have everything you desire. But purchasing a few books in a series at a discounted price and then paying full for the others is a pretty sweet deal.

From their website.

I’ve only recently came across this website but from what I’ve see I do like it. This site is for “cheap” ebooks. Each day there is more selection added. You can either purchase ebooks at a discounted price or for free.  Again, I don’t want to butcher what the site is about so I’ll quote the site.

BookBub is a free daily email that notifies you about deep discounts on acclaimed ebooks. You choose the types you’d like to get notified about — with categories ranging from mysteries to cookbooks — and we send great deals in those genres to your inbox.
BookBub doesn’t actually sell books. We simply alert you by email to fantastic limited-time offers that become available on retailers like Amazon’s Kindle store, Barnes & Noble’s Nook store, Apple’s iBookstore, and others. Book publishers offer deals at these sites for promotional purposes, and our staff works with them to determine the best ones to feature to our members.

I’ve purchased a few ebooks from this site for the Kindle app on my iPad, Apple Books for my iPad and even a few kobo purchases. Perfect for books you’re interested in reading but don’t mind not having the physical copy in your hands/on your shelf.

From their website.

I haven’t purchased books from them online but when I do go into the store they have a selection of books set out on a table that are 40% off the CDN cover price or a 2 for $20. These are usually on the newer releases or popular book series.

Where do you buy your books? 

I’m always interested and happy to stumble upon a site I haven’t browsed before.

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